Pump Rebuild Information

We are the only Spa Service in the area that will
Rebuild Your Pump!

Most of the time a pump goes bad because of a small shaft seal leak. This leak will put water into the front bearing of the electric motor. Soon the bearing stops working and starts to make a very loud noise when running or just locks the motor up entirely.

What we do is instead of just replacing it with a new pump (what everybody else wants to do for you), we will rebuild your pump and motor bearings. This service saves you approx. $200. This will put your pump into "almost new" condition.
The service consists of the following:

1. Install a brand new OEM Wet End: this is the plastic pump that is connected to the motor. This has new seals, gaskets, impeller, and housing.

2. Install new Front and Rear motor bearings.
3. Put it all back together and install it in the s

Pump Picture





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