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Bromine Saltwater Systems for Spas
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Q: How exactly does the Bromine Salt System work for hot tubs?

A: The Bromine Salt System fits neatly inside most spa cabinets. There are 3 components:
         * The Digital Control Box
         * The Bromine Generating Electrode Cell
         * The PVC Cell Chamber   

The PVC cell chamber contains the electrode cell and is installed into the circulation system of your spa.
After a special salt (sodium bromide) is added to the water, you simply set the control box to the desired bromine production level.  As the hot tub water circulates, a small amount of the bromide salt contacts the electrode cell and is broken down into bromine.  This is part of a perpetual cycle of bromine production creating an endless supply. It will continue to produce bromine without you adding any to the spa unless the water is drained. Draining is usually needed about every 6-12 months.

Q: What are the some of the special features of the Bromine Salt System? 
A: * Adjustable output - full digital control

     * Automatic polarity reversal (for extended electrode life)

     * Overload protection w LED indication

     * 120/240VAC-50/60hz (Installer-selectable)

     * NEMA 4X-IP66 waterproof enclosure


Q: What are some of the greatest benefits to using the Bromine Salt System?
  - Fewer chemical additives building up over time
  - Longer water changeover intervals
typically every 6-12 months
  - Crystal clear water
  - Soft, non-irritating water
  - No handling of sanitizer

Q: What is the science behind Bromine Salt System…
“Electrochemical Bromine Generating Technology for Hot Tub and Spa Sanitation”
The device is an in-line halogen generator, used to produce bromine from a precursor
of sodium bromide (NaBr). GENESIS technology is designed for use in hot tubs and spas ranging in size from 200-1200 U.S. gallons. 
The technology utilizes a digital controller that stimulates a pair of non-metallic electrodes
comprised of an anode and an cathode which consists of a patent pending composite material.
The controller has ten different power settings. The power is not increased or decreased, but rather
the time that the power is made available is either increased or decreased.  This process is known
as “digital duty cycle control” and is highly efficient with respect to current distribution to the reduction ( anodic reaction ).
The electrode cell is fitted into a custom 2” PVC T’ (slip x slip x thread) fitting housed within the circulation system of a hot tub in such a manner as to always be in contact with hot tub water that has been charged with a specific amount of NaBr. As the electrolyte enriched water passes through the electrode cell chamber, small amounts of the NaBr are reduced on the anode into free bromine which is then carried by the flow of water into the spa’s bathing area to act as a sanitation agent..
Furthermore, by eliminating brominating tablets the resulting buildup of TDS (total dissolved solids) from the disintegrated tablet by-products is also eliminated, greatly extending the time between draining and filling of the tub, thus conserving water.
The device has been laboratory tested by an independent U.S. EPA environmental lab for bromine production.
The device produces bromine on-site, in-line on the primary circulation plumbing
of a hot tub reducing consumer exposure to pesticidal chemicals while at the same time ensuring continuous, controllable production and dispensing a reliable residual of bromine. It removes the task of a spa owner’s having to remember to fill tablet feeders or to return the tablet floater to the bathing area of the tub.
Q: Why a bromine generator? What does it do?
A:  Technically speaking, a bromine generator electrolytically stimulates a pair of in-line (usually and preferably) electrodes to activate a bank of sodium bromide (a special type of salt), converting it into hypobromus acid (bromine). This bromine circulates, sanitizing the water. Subsequently, the residual from this conversion process reverts back to bromide ions, which are then recycled by the electrodes into bromine once again, perpetually repeating the sanitization process.  Simply speaking, a bromine generator makes bromine automatically so you don’t have to add it manually to a spa. It’s a higher-tech version of the traditional 2-step bromine sanitizing system, with the sodium bromide acting as step 1 and the bromine generator acting as step 2.
The method is convenient, clean (no fillers/binders normally found in bromine “pucks”), and adjustable (generators can be adjusted either by system settings or modification to filtration times). A marvelous additional benefit is enhanced water quality. Ask anyone who has ever been in a bromine-generator-equipped spa to tell you about the water clarity and the soft feel of the water (resulting from the addition of bromide salt to the water). Oh, and best of all – you can dramatically extend water changeover intervals because the accumulation of bromine puck residual is eliminated. Great money and time saver in that respect.
Q: After a bromine generator is installed, do we still have to check a hot tub's chemistry?
A: Absolutely! A bromine generator is just that – a BROMINE generator. It is not designed nor intended to manage water chemistry. You will still need to assure the correct amount of sanitizer is in the water. The system makes it much easier.
The Alkalinity and Calcium hardness should be checked and adjusted every 4-6 months if needed.
Q: Can I still test the water for Bromine with my regular test kit or test strips?
A: Yes, a bromine test strip or a standard liquid reagent will read the actual bromine level in the spa's water. The bromine being generated is the same as the bromine that would be distributed by a bromine “puck” (minus the fillers/impurities).
Q: Do I still need to shock?
A: Shocking is done to rid the spa water of organic waste. This is usually determined by the number of people using the spa over time. Typical family of 4 using the spa would need to shock aprox. once per week. This is done by pressing the "Boost" button on the unit. Boost will raise the bromine level of the water enough to shock. No additional shock chemical are needed for general spa maintenance.
Q: Which Bromine salt systems do you sell/instll?
A: We sell the two best units available. First is the ISIS system. This is a "Made in America". The ISIS system is made by the people who invented bromine salt systems for spa. We also carry the In.Clear system. This system is made in Canada. It is a quality system that we have installed many time over the last 2 years. Both systems work very well. To see the differences just click on the ISIS v In.Clear button.
 Q: Will the bromine generator keep increasing the level of bromine if the spa is not used for a while?
A: It can, but generators are designed so that output can be controlled. If left unattended for extended periods of time, the bromine generator’s output setting simply needs to be turned down.
 Q: Will the bromine generator lower the ph and total alkalinity as the tablets will do if the levels of bromine increase? 
A: This question is a good one. The pure bromine is not acidic as the tablets/powdered bormine and will not lower the levels. But spa use over time by people will lower the ph & alkalinity. The ph & alkalinity should be checked and adjusted if needed. Typically every 6 months.
Q: I have been told that if I install a Bromine Salt System I don’t have to drain my spa as often as I’ve done in the past.  Why is that possible?
A: Because there is no more buildup of tablet by-products (like the glues and binders used to hold bromine tablets together).  A Bromine Salt System converts salt into bromine and then back into salt again, leaving your spa free of the cloudy, flat water usually attributed  to the buildup of the these chemical byproducts. With this system, your water change interval can be extended considerably – in practise you can change it every 6 months depending on use..
Q: I was told that Bromine Salt System operates in conjunction with the spa’s pump. Does it matter which type of pump is on my hot tub?
A: The Bromine Salt System operates effectively with both standard pumps and 24-hour circ pumps.
Q: Why is is better to use Bromine than Chlorine in a spa/hot tub?
Chlorine Evaporates at 97 degrees and most hot tubs are kept at 104 degrees. Not so for Bromine. If chlorine is added to a spa over 97 degrees it will start to gas off quickly and becomes very obnoxius.

Also all comercial bromine products (Tablets or Granulars) contain 3 parts of Chlorine and 1 part Bromine. In this form you always have some chlorine going into the spa. That is where you get the smells and dry skin etc. With the bromine saltwater system there is absolutley NO Chlorine used at any time.



The bromine salt water spa is the easiest spa chemical maintenance system available.  This is an environmentally friendly system that generates and releases bromine automatically into the spa water.  That means that you do not have to manually add bromine to your spa.  That means that you do not have to manually shock your spa.  This unit does it all for you automatically.  It easily controls contaminants, bacteria, algae, body oils and organics that will get into the spa water.  All you do is add bromine salt to the water once, set the production levels, and it will maintain your spa chemistry for you   That’s it!

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