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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my filters?
Every week spray the filter off with a high-pressure garden hose attachment.  Depending on use, a filter degreaser is recommended every 2-3 months. Refer to the owner’s manual. 

How do I maintain my spa cover?
Wash weekly with water and spa cover cleaner. A good cover cleaner will have emoulants to keep vinyl looking good. Understand that the cover takes the beating with the weather, wind, dust and general use. This is so the spa shell will stay in excellent condition for a long long time.

Where can I purchase replacement chemicals, parts, and accessories?
You can purchase all the products you will ever need for either our retail store or online at our E-Store.

What are the best chemicals to use?

The easiest system is the Automatic Bromine Saltwater System for Spas. Once installed it will handle all the spa sanitizing needs for a minimum of 6 months maybe longer depending on use. This system takes all your worries about spa chemistry away. For more information just click here: Spa Bromine Saltwater System Information

The “Spa Frog” system is the best bromine feeding system we have found to date.  This very easy to use system contains a bromine feeder and a mineral feeder.  This is placed into the filter area of your spa and will sanitize your water with very low bromine levels over a long period of time.  The mineral cartridge will last 4 months and the bromine cartridge will last approx. a month depending on the size of the tub and its amount of use.

How do I fill my spa and what do I do when it is full ?

To fill you spa just use a garden hose. Take the filter out and put the end of the hose into the hole where the filter was attached. Turn on the water. This will purge any air in the lines out and fill the tub. When the tub is at the proper level turn water off. At this time put the filter back into position. Then power on the spa at the electrical breaker. If you watch the control on the spa you will see it scroll thru various numbers then display PR. At this point the spa will not turn on for about 4 min. This is a diagnostic setting where the spa checks itself out just to make sure it is safe to turn itself on. When is goes out of PR the pump will turn on to low speed. At this time turn the pump (single pump models) or both pumps (dual pump models) onto high speed to get the water flowing thru the spa. Let it run for 30-45 seconds then turn pumps off. At this time set you time, filter cycles, and desired temperature. Let the spa heat to desired temperature before adding any chemicals. Go to Chemical Treatment for instructions.

It’s August and very hot outside and I cannot get my spa to cool down?

Here in Georgia our temperatures outside frequently stay between 90-100 degrees for long periods of time during July and August.  The Bullfrog Spa is so well designed to absorb and retain heat that it will do just that.  It will get hot.  This is great in the fall and winter but what do I do now? 
First the Bullfrog Spa has no cooling system.  If you adjust the temperature of the spa down to 80 degrees, if it is 90 outside the spa will stay at least 90 or above. 
The Bullfrog Spa is designed to take the heat from the pumps and recycle it back to the water.  If you adjust your “filter cycles” so the spa will only run during the cool mornings and evenings the spa will run cooler.   Also if you open the spa cover during these cool times the heat will disapate and cool the water.
When you go to use your spa take a tray of ice with you and pour into the water.  Always remember, they are called “Hot Tubs”.

How often do I drain my spa and how do I drain it ?
As you use your spa, soap and detergent residues from your skin and bathing suits, along with other substances from maintaining the spa’s water chemistry will accumulate in the spa water and make maintaining the water more difficult. Rinsing your bathing suits, and showering without soap, prior to entering your spa will increase the life of your spa water. Depending upon usage, the spa water will need to be changed every 1-4 months or when the water chemical levels become difficult to manage.
IMPORTANT: Drain your spa to an area that can handle a large quantity of water. If draining water onto vegetation, make sure that the sanitizer level (Bromine level) of the water is less than 0.5 PPM.
WARNING: Avoid drainage that can lead into basement window wells.

To Drain Your Spa:
Step 1: Turn-off main electrical breaker to spa.
Step 2: Locate drain spout below equipment compartment door.
Step 3: Pull the drain spout out with a slight clockwise turn.
Note: Drain spout is fully extended at approximately 2 inches. Use pliers if needed.
Step 4: Remove drain cap.
Note: The drain spout will not drain when fully extended.
Step 5: Attach a standard garden hose. Push the drain spout in halfway to actuate the drain.
Note: The Spa will drain about 5 gallons per minute. Ensure that the drainage is in an area safely away from window wells or basement entries.
Step 6: Once the spa is fully drained, pull the drain spout out all the way, remove hose, replace the drain cap and push drain in all the way.

To Refill Your Spa:

Step 1: To avoid air pockets in the pump(s), refill the spa with water by placing the hose into the filter hole. This will flush out all of the air in the spas plumbing.  Fill to proper level as indicated on the filter weir door.
Step 2: Restore electrical power supply.
Step 3: Reset the control system.
Step 4: Reattach the equipment compartment door.
Step 5: Following instructions in Starting the Spa with New Water..
NOTE: The higher the water level in the spa, the fewer spa users it will be able to handle.



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