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Product & Service Specials!

Bromine saltwater system for spas: DIY kits or complete installation pkg.

Spa Heater or Pump Repairs/Upgrades
Spa Services
Chemical Packages
Replacement Spa Covers

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Automatic Bromine Saltwater System for Spas

ISIS System (Installed):
Automatic Spa Chemical Maintenance is now available at a great price.

Includes: Equipment ,Installation, Fittings, Chemicals, and orientation.
(no other chemicals needed for approx 6-8 months!!)

(FALL SPECIAL- Includes a Years Supply of Upstart Products)

Let this system handle all of your Spa Chemical Maintenance Automatically and the water feels amazing!!

(Limited Quantity!!!)


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Price !



Spa Product/Service Specials


Spa Drain, Clean, & Check:
Drain spa, clean spa shell, Remove jetpaks clean front & back, clean cover top/bottom, check spa & equipment for good working order, adding water ph balance chemicals (alkalinity & calcium)

NOTE: Outside Temp Needs to be 55 degrees or warmer to perform service.

Just call/text or email to schedule appointment.

Bromine Salt System Customers
Bromine Salt Recharge Service











Spa Heater Installation Upgrade:
Spa not heating as well as it used to?
Spa not maintaining the heat?

This upgrade will give you better, faster heating & efficiency) Includes: equipment, gaskets and installation




Pump Service :
This will make your old pump like new again!!

Rebuild Service:
If your pump is leaking and making a loud noise. It can be repaired instead of buying a new pump.
We rebuild the mechanical parts of the pump: installing new shaft seals &
gaskets, and new motor bearings, impeller and impeller guides. Makes you old pump run like new!


Pump Parts: Impellers, shaft seals, motor bearings, etc. (Click Here)

1- Pump Rebuilt

Reg: $300.00


2- Pumps Rebuilt









Complete Spa/Equipment
Inspection Service
(I will email you for appointment)


Spa Jet Replacement:
We stock the jet replacements you need for your spa.


StormCalf Jet
RotoFoot Jet


Replacement Spa Covers

Spa Covers :
Is your cover too heavy to lift? or
Does it just look bad after all the years?

Now is the time to let us install a new cover.

Special thru: purchasing a cover includes delivery & installation.

Please note: charge for removal and disposal of old cover- $50.

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Spa Frog Product Packages (save by buying more than one!)

Quarter Pack :
1-Mineral & 4 bromine cartridges. Good for 4 months

Eight Pack :
2-Mineral and 8 Bromine cartridges. Good for 8 months

Start up kit:
1-Mineral & 2-bromine cartridges, 1qt PH Stabilizer, 1-Zip Chlor shock,
and Test Strips


One Year Pack :
Everything you need to maintain your spa for one year. Includes: 3-Spa FrogMineral & 12- Brommine cartridges, 4- PH Stabilizer,
3-Zip Chlor Shock, and Test Strips


Clearance Items

Take advantage of these great prices!!
(Note: All Jetpaks come with the "New Style" Jets)
48" Steps (New in Box)
Color: Neutral (Beige)

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