Spa Service
Once purchased we will contact you to schedule work.
If you have questions please call or send e-mail.
If you need a spa service that is not listed just contact us.
If you need service on another brand other than Bullfrog spa just contact us. We will be glad to help.

Bullfrog Spa Services
Spa Clean & Check   Yearly Spa Check Up   Spa Heater

We do the following with
a pre drained spa:
Remove Jetpaks & Clean
Pressure wash shell,
Cabinet, and Cover
Check out equipment,
Refill and add ph water
balancing chemicals.

(Does not include Shock, Chorine,
Bromine Salt or Bromine addition.)

Price: $225.00



We do the following:
Check out all spa
Replace gaskets &
seals where needed
and lubricate.

Price: $125.00


Note: Any needed
parts or equipment
will be charged xtra.


If you spa is not heating
as fast as you would like
or not heating at all
this is the service for you.

We will install a new 5.5kw
Heater Coil and perform
a check-up of the system

Price: $225.00


Bullfrog Spa Services
Pump Installation  

Pump & Motor

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  Spa Service    

We will install a new
Bullfrog/AF Pump
into your spa.

removal of old pump
install new pump
install new seals & gaskets

Price: $695.00


We install a new pump
wet end, new seals &
gaskets, and new motor
No Need to replace
the whole pump. We turn
your old pump new again!
Save $$

Installed Price: $300

pump rebuild


Whatever you issue we
can service it. Our charge is
$100 first hour for a "local"
service call (plus parts)

(Just click here and we will
schedule and appointment
to check out your spa)

Price: $100


Once purchased we will contact you to schedule work
Bullfrog Spa Services
Ozone Generator
      Spa Covers    

We install the following:
High output Ozone
(The new 2010 ozone
deliveres about 3 times
the ozone of older units)

Web Price: $350.00

NOTE: If your existing Ozone
is over 3 years old it needs





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