Blue Fusion : Bromine Saltwater System for Spas
American Made in Colorado

ISIS Bromine Saltwater system package
System Installation: Only $875
(Includes: Installation package & setup)


DIY Kit: Only $700
(Includes: Everything for installtion:hoses,clamps,fittings, start up chemical, instructions for a Bullfrog Spa. For other brands just call for custom installation kit)


This Bromine Saltwater System for Spas is made by the people who invented and patented the technology. Proudly splashtownpools.com is now a distributor/supplier of this fine product. The Blue Fusion bromine saltwater system for spas is a high quality, very robust product that will virtually eliminate chemcial maintenance for your spa. With this system installed on your spa, there is no more adding sanitizers, shocks, etc to your spa water. It is done automatically and will last for 6 months or more before you need to drain.
Other than high quality, it works fantastic, the best thing about this system is the price. The mfg. has given us special pricing that makes it very competative.

So, take advantage of this special priced installation package for a system that will make your spa chemical maintenance almost non existent.


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