Bullfrog Spa Parts

Replacement Jet Parts (orginal grey and stainless steel)
Orginal Grey            
These are the most popular for the Bullfrog Spa. Their are other types of jets available that were used on older models. If you need a special jet just send me a picture via e-mail and I can get it for you. Thanks
Power Storm Duo   Old Model VSR Jet   Foot Jet   Duoblaster Spinner

Power Storm
Dual Face (new style)

Price: $32.00



Old Style (2000-2003)

Price: $32.00


Foot Jet
Price: $30.00



Price: $18.00

Duoblaster Directional   Shiatzu Jet   Neck Jet Assembly   Storm Jet Insert


Price: $18.00



Shiatzu Jet
Price: $125.00


Neck Jet Asmb.
Price: $25.00


Storm Jet Face
(old style)

Price: $32.00

Note: Storm Jet (new style)
replaces this jet.
Storm Jet Roto   Storm Jet New Style   Storm Jet Roto New Style   Shiatsu Rubber Boot

Storm Jet Roto
(Old Style)



Note: Storm Jet Roto (new
style) replaces this jet.

Storm Jet Face
(New Style)

Price: $32.00


Storm Jet Roto
(New Style)

Price: $32.00


Shiatsu Boot
Price: $65.00

Vertasaag Faceplate   Calf Jet Rotational   Calf Jer Directional   Power Storm Duo

Verta Face Plate
Price: $13.50



Calf Jet

Please note: this jet
has been
discontinued. Please
order the (directional)
for replacement.


Calf Jet/Cluster Jet

Price: $13.00



Twin Pulse

Price: $32.00


Stainless Steel Jet Parts
Calf Jet Rotational Stainless Steel   For Stainless Steel
Jet Parts

Calf Jet SS
( Rotational)

Price: $15.00



Please send us an
EMail as to what
you need and we
will send you a

Thank you











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