Bullfrog Customer Area : Spa Maintenance

Filter Cleaning
It is recommended that the filter cartridge(s) be cleaned every week or as needed. Replace the filter cartridge(s) every year or when necessary. To maintain warranty protection, use only genuine Bullfrog Filter Cartridge replacements. To clean your filter cartridge(s), complete the following:
Step 1: Place the spa in Standby mode.
Step 2: Remove Filter Cap.
Step 3: Remove cartridge(s).
Step 4: Using a garden hose with a nozzle or other high-pressure device, clean cartridge(s). Work top to bottom on each pleat.

Step 5: Reinstall cartridge(s) and Filter Cap.
Step 6: Press any button to reset the control system.
Light bulb replacement:
To replace a burned out or defective light bulb or LED, complete the following:
Step 1: Turn off the electrical power at the breaker box.
Step 2: Remove the equipment compartment door.
Step 3: Locate the back of the light fixture.
For standard light bulb replacement:

Step 4: Grasp the light bulb holder (located on the back of the light fixture) and twist counter-clockwise to release the light from the fixture.
Step 5: Remove the light bulb by pulling it straight out of the light bulb holder.
Step 6: Replace the light bulb and reinstall the light bulb holder.
For LED replacement:

Step 4: Insert a small standard screwdriver into the tabbed slot .
Step 5: Carefully pry off the back light fixture cover.
Step 6: Remove the LED assembly by pulling it straight out. Replace the LED. Reinstall the back cover of light fixture.
For both lighting systems:

Step 7: Replace the equipment compartment door.
Step 8: Restore the electrical power supply.

Ozone Purifier Replacement
Call splashtownpools.com 770-529-6756 for replacement

Spa Shell Care

General Cleaning
DO NOT use any household cleaners.  They are hard to remove and will cause irritation and a great deal of foaming.  Use “Spa Mitts” cleaners or “Off the Wall” cleaner to clean the shell.  These products are designed for spa use and ill not cause any ill effects if used properly. 

Cleaning the Scum Line

With normal use of the spa, oils, lotions, and hair spray will build up on the surface of the water. This will leave a scum line around the perimeter. This can be easily removed using “Power Pad ” or “Spa Cleaner ” with a light abrasive pad.

Scratches in the Shell
Normal auto paste wax and scratch remover will work well.  If the scratches are deep please call splashtownpools.com 770-529-6756 for procedure or service.

Yearly Cleaning:  Splash Town offers a spa clean and check-up.  We recommend that you use this service at least once per year.  Give us a call for pricing and scheduling.

WARNING: Never allow your spa surface to be exposed to alcohol, acetone (nail polish remover), nail polish, dry cleaning solution, lacquer thinners, gasoline, pine oil, abrasive cleaners, or any other household chemicals other than those listed. These chemicals can void the warranty.

JetPak™ Plumbing Care
If water chemistry is neglected for an extended period of time, it may be necessary to perform a full water change and clean the back of each JetPak.  To do this, use a soft bristle brush and a spa surface cleaner to gently remove any contaminants that may have accumulated on the back of each JetPak. For cleaning the JetPak acrylic surface, refer to Spa Shell Care.

Spa Cabinet Care
The EternaWood™ cabinet components are made to provide many years of maintenance-free service. For normal cleaning, use “Spa Surface Cleaner ” Cleaner and a soft towel.

Spa Cover Care
Your spa cover is warranted by its manufacturer, Sunstar Enterprises, 255 Redel Road, San Marcos, CA 92078, (800) 438-8677. Although basic instructions are provided below, it is important that you refer to the Sunstar information that came with the cover. Sunstar provides detailed information on caring for your spa cover and what to do to protect its warranty.

IMPORTANT: Do not stand, sit, or place any item on the cover that could damage it. Gently remove any snow accumulations over 2” (5.08cm). Always secure the cover with all of the cover locks when not in use, whether the spa is empty or full of water.

Cleaning the Spa Cover
At least monthly, clean the spa cover with cover cleaner and water.
Step 1: Remove the cover and lay it down on a flat, clean surface near a garden hose.
Step 2: Rinse the cover to remove any loose debris.
Step 3: Clean the top (vinyl) of the cover with  “Cover Cleaner” and a soft bristle brush. Using a gentle circular motion, scrub the cover, careful to not let any of the cover dry before rinsing with water.
Step 4: Rinse the cover thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth.
Step 5: Wipe and rinse any dirt from the bottom of the cover.
Step 6: Replace the cover and secure the locks.

Cleaning and Protecting the Headrests

Regularly, clean all headrests with mild soap, water, and a clean cloth. Monthly, use a non-petroleum-based product such as 303 Aerospace Protectant manufactured by 303 Products, Inc. This will maintain water resistance and luster of the product. NOTE: Headrest discoloration is caused by improper water chemistry and is not covered under the Bullfrog warranties.

Low-Use or No-Use Periods
During certain times of the year, you may not use the spa on a frequent basis. For these low-use or no-use periods, consider the following:

Low Use or No Use for less than Two Weeks
Do not make any changes.

No Use for Two to Six Weeks

Call splashtownpools.com 770-529-6756 for procedure.

Equipment Compartment Maintenance
Yearly open the equipment compartment panel by removing the 4 stainless steel screws.  The door will drop down.  Put it aside.  TURN POWER OFF AT THE BREAKER.
Look into the area.  It should be clean and dry.  If there are leaves or spider webs built up over time take a small broom and brush the area clean.  Doing this will increase the life of the equipment.  If you see anything out of the ordinary please call splashtownpools.com 770-529-6756 for advice or service.

Call or send us an E-Mail with any of your Bullfrog Spa Questions.


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